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The Anna Philips Foundation – About Us

Established in loving memory of Anna Elisabeth Phillips, the Foundation is a mental health Charitable Incorporated Organisation, which supports people facing trauma related mental health challenges.

We provide practical support and facilities and use a range of therapies, including green care and mindfulness along with other empowering social activities.

In partnership with researchers in environmental advocacy or green care we seek to understand how the natural environment, including woodlands, can help trauma survivors on their journey of repair and recovery.

We also campaign on raising awareness of the social causes of self-harm and suicide, and how being immersed in the natural world can benefit mental wellbeing.

Who We Work With

We will partner with the higher education sector, Health Boards, third sector organisations and others to provide people with mental health challenges, beneficial experiences in nature which aim to empower them, build their confidence and improve their mental health, wellbeing and resilience.

Personal Message from David Phillips, Founder & Chairman

The Anna Phillips Foundation aims to build positive, beneficial and enduring relationships with both individuals and organisations from all sectors in the local community on Anglesey. Such outcomes will enable us to provide a safe, beneficial and sustainable environment to help each beneficiary to manage their mental health challenges in the most optimum way.

While we focus on our core Objects, in carrying out these activities the Foundation is also committed to protecting the natural environment and wildlife, and to ensure our work is consistent with the values which underpin the Wellbeing of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015.

Furthermore, given that some of our work necessarily involves providing facilities for vulnerable people, we take safeguarding matters very seriously and will work very closely with the relevant Safeguarding bodies at the national and regional level. We will work within the parameters set out in Part 7 of the Social Services and Well-Being (Wales) Act 2014.

The Foundation and all its work serves present and future generations and represents Anna’s eternal memory.

Acknowledgement: We should like to thank The Margaret Davies Charity for their kind donation which has made possible the construction of this website.

Anna Phillips

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