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Welcome to the Anna Phillips Foundation

We are committed to helping people who have to cope with various trauma related mental health challenges to transform their lives by engaging with the natural world.

To be safe is to be free

The Anna Phillips Foundation understands that in order to begin to be free we need to feel safe in our environment. Getting involved in a range of sustainable and meaningful activities in nature can make a significant contribution to your path to recovery from a mental illness caused by a trauma.

Trauma may be experienced as one incident or it can be a series of events over a longer period. The challenge is to find a way of transforming your life so that you gain a greater sense of safety and so freedom in your life.

It could range from relaxing and taking in the sounds of nature, observing butterflies or bumble bees and other wildlife all about you, to something more energetic such as planting trees, caring for woodlands and growing fruit and vegetables.

There are a number of paths to choose from as you set out on your journey of recovery through embracing nature and at your own pace. At the Anna Phillips Foundation we provide the means for you to explore safely this pathway to a renewed sense of wellbeing and connection with the world.

We also work with partner organisations to carry out research into ways in which being immersed in nature can boost your mental health and wellbeing.
The Anna Phillips Foundation also campaigns to raise awareness of the social causes of self-harm, suicide and mental illness in general. We look to help people through nature to escape the burden of trauma related mental illness and to finally achieve longed for safety, freedom and wellbeing.

To be safe is to be free!

Anna Phillips

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